Friday, August 22, 2008

Not For Nothing...

But I think McCain does have a reason for this:

"This is interesting. Part of the McCain Celebrity, as packaged for the evangelical base, is the rescue of two Bangladeshi girls at the behest of Mother Theresa, one of whom, Bridget, they subsequently adopted. During my live-blogging of Saddleback, I described the McCain adoption story as "peerless." And it is indeed an admirable, selfless thing - and a completely legitimate aspect of a candidate's life to be part of his campaign message. The story of how Mother Teresa talked them into it makes it all the more poignant.

"The only trouble is: it's not true."

If anyone remembers McCain took the whole shaft from Bush in 2000 when Rove pushed polled the story that this adopted kid was sired by McCain, out of wedlock with a black woman and that might have destroyed his presidential hopes. Probably trying to arm himself against a similar attack, McCain embellished the story so that people would remember, a) that the kid was adopted and b) that it was such a good thing since Mother Theresa (a good person) was behind it.

What sad about this, besides the fact that Americans could be so racist as to actually believe the Rove tactic, is that now McCain is using some of the same BS against Obama. But I guess if you can't beat them...

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