Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Quick Note

From MY's blog:

T"his weekend veterans from around the country paraded through the streets of DC on motorcycles, but last week the Senate passed massive Webb-Hagel GI Bill reform legislation with a veto-proof majority. While the bill on the national level is still in the works, it looks like some states are starting to step in and attempt to repair the GI Bill legislation on their own. New Jersey's proposed legislation is particularly generous, limiting the amount that a veteran or veteran's widow to pay only $50 per credit for a public in-state college or university. Other states that are offering free or reduced-fee tuition are Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Louisiana. The worry, of course, is that states will pass the legislation without compensating for the added cost. This could end up causing higher tuition among non-veteran students." (Italics mine)

Speaking for myself--I see no problem with this, assuming that the extra charge isn't too substantial and agreed to by state boards. (I say this by the way with the belief that state education should be free for everyone, but assume that that policy is far in the future) Our vets make a great sacrifice for our nation and we should all chip in to give them the benefits they deserve. It's about time we started acting like a team rather than a bunch of whining divas. Here's an idea, maybe we should tie their benefits into what ever retirement benefits congressmen get. If they want wars that create veterans maybe linking their pensions to their decisions will make these chickenhawks a bit wiser in their use of military force.

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