Friday, May 16, 2008

Ironic...Don't You Think

So the Tennessee Republican Party has a new ad attacking Michelle Obama because of her "first time proud of her country" statement. The ad flashes Michelle saying that key line against several "regular" Tennessee Republicans who talk about some of the times they were proud of their country. What's ironic about all this? Well it's pretty apparent, at least to me, that the context of her comment was based on the African-American experience, which as well all know, hasn't been one of the best experiences in America, full of institutionalized racism and discrimination. So how did the Tennessee Republicans answer this?

By having four white people and a really light skinned Latino testify how much they love this country. And according to them, every thing's great! Especially when they all tell us that anyone can come to this country and make it, 'if they work hard enough." Glad they reminded me of that!

I personally love the old white dude playing pool, with his super-duper gun rack in the back. He totally doesn't scare me.

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