Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Little Late I Know

But John Edwards just endorsed Obama yesterday.

Not for nothing but I sorta thought that this was a bigger story than it should have been. If you have been following the race it should be no surprise that Edwards' ideology was more in like with Obama than Clinton. The biggest impact of all this is going to be in the Veepstakes, and Edwards I think has now put himself into play.

PS: Also something to remember; thought they aren't obliged to, Edwards' delegates are now pretty much given to Obama. This takes the lead even farther out of Clinton's hands.

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Gib said...

The delegate thing is the only real reason this matters - Edwards endorsement doesn't carry much weight outside of people who are already voting for Obama, methinks. But Edwards encouraging his delegates to vote for Obama means there is virtually no way for Clinton to take the nomination, and her campaign is essentially on the same scale as Ron Paul's ridiculous little windmill-tilting.

Well, there's no legitimate way she can take the nomination - this is Hillary Clinton we're talking about - that doesn't necessarily close the door entirely.

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