Thursday, April 10, 2008

The (Not-So-Surprising) Surprising Obama Story

Check this out:

"I actually covered Obama on one of these visits not long ago (to a USAID-supported furniture plant, actually) and he didn't seem as dismissive of the experience as he does in the quote above. In fact, Obama's trip to Africa two years ago was hardly the routine, photo-op driven junket he makes public diplomacy out to be: particularly memorable was the HIV test he took with his wife before a crowd of thousands of Kenyans. Never mind how out of character this is for an American politician, the public taking of an HIV test sent an enormously important message on a continent where so much stigma is attached to this disease and people deliberately avoid knowing their status."

Amazing. I'm not saying that other politicians wouldn't do what Obama did (I think Hillary would get a pap smear at MSG if it would get her some votes) but the fact that he thought of it shows not only character but a real ablity to think out of the box, a skill I think we need today. Regardless, this story surprised me on many different levels. I'm not sure which is more surprising so I'll leave it up to you.

Was I surprised that:

a) Obama did something like this and the media never reported it?

b) Obama did something like this and his team never reported it?

c) The author of the above story actually told the story to diss on Obama?

Riddle me that Batman!

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MQA said...

I think Hillary would get a pap smear at MSG if it would get her some votes That's the funniest line I've read in quite a while!!!!

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