Tuesday, April 01, 2008



KIEV, Ukraine - President Bush said Tuesday he will work "as hard as I can" to help Ukraine join NATO and declared that Russia will not be able to veto former Soviet states joining the transatlantic military alliance.

"Your nation has made a bold decision and the United States strongly supports your request," Bush told Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko after talks at the Presidential Secretariat here.

Bush praised Ukraine's democratic and military reforms, and noted that Ukraine "is the only non-NATO nation supporting every NATO mission."

This isn't the type of story that'll get alot of attention in the M$M but it is important, especially since Russian strong men (Putin) seem to be consoldating their power, and Ukraine defecting to NATO would put a wrench in their works. It'll be interesting to see what Putin, er I mean Zubkov has to say about this.

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