Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not Really Helping (Or the Foresight of Al Sharpton)

You know, I remember last year when Obama's campaign was heating up, Al Sharpton was asked if he endorsed the Junior Senator, and he said he was on the fence and he wasn't endorsing anyone. Later he admitted that his endorsement would probably hurt Obama more than help, rightfully realizing that, for better or worse, he is a controversial figure in the M$M. I remember feeling a bit dismayed at this obvious political duplicity. But in light of Rev. Wright's media tour, I'd have to say that Al's silence might have been one of his classiest political moves.

For the record I happen to agree with alot of what Wright says, with the whole exception of the US/ AIDS conspiracy thing, which, like Stan's response to Cartman's Christopher Reeve jokes, I say, "I'm not even going to go there." Ultimately though Obama's campaign isn't about Rev. Wright no matter what the M$M tells us, and now you have to add that to Rev. Wright's vanity driven tour. I don't know what he thinks he's doing by hitting the talk show circuit, but like a person who thinks people are laughing with him and not at him, he doesn't seem to realize that people don't shove microphones in his face to hear his thoughts, but only hope he provides more ammo against Obama, and boy has he been effective at that job. By the way, I think what makes it worse is that I really do believe that Obama doesn't buy into alot of what Wright believes, that's really the pity of it all.

That said, I am thankful that Wright's doing this now while Obama seems poised to win the Democratic nomination rather than the general election. This will undoubtedly fade come mid-summer and in that time I'm sure the Obama campaign will figure out how to unearth John Hagee from under whatever rock he squirmed his venomous sac under. It's dirty politics, but since McCain seems so eager to use Wright, it seems to me that Hagee is fair game.

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