Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hillary Leads Obama Follows

A couple of day ago Hillary called for Bush to boycott the Olympic opening, and it looks like Obama's joining her:

"If the Chinese do not take steps to help stop the genocide in Darfur and to respect the dignity, security, and human rights of the Tibetan people, then the President should boycott the opening ceremonies. As I have communicated in public and to the President, it is past time for China to respect the human rights of the Tibetan people, to allow foreign journalists and diplomats access to the region, and to engage the Dalai Lama in meaningful talks about the future of Tibet. I am also deeply concerned about China's failure to support efforts to halt the genocide in Darfur. Regarding the Beijing Olympics this summer, a boycott of the opening ceremonies should be firmly on the table, but this decision should be made closer to the Games."

You know, this is one of the few things I agreed with Bill Richardson about. In a debate, when questioned about Darfur, he suggested a boycott by the US. I agree, not really because I think it will be effective in changing China's policies; it won't, but because I just don't like the Olympics. I really don't. Waste of time. Swimming? Running? Only if Aquaman and the Flash are participating. Or Tiger Woods.

Go Tiger.

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