Monday, September 15, 2008

SNL Nails It

I'll be the first to say that SNL has fallen off, but this is perfect:

Allow me to make one more point. I don't think there is a liberal around that doesn't have more respect for Hillary now than pre-Palin. Seeing what a sham Palin is really brings into focus how qualified and good a politician Hillary is. Frankly Palin's not fit to carry Hil's bra...

God I want to say something else but I won't.

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Kiko Jones said...

Stop the phones! We have a winner: I'm that liberal who "doesn't have more respect" for HRC now. While Palin isn't fit to intern for her, the former First Lady lost a good chunk of my respect, not due to a lack of qualifications but for the bitter sense of entitlement with which she clung to the nomination, and for her Rovian tactics during the primary. (Who do you think put Rev. Wright out there?)

Furthermore, vis a vis HRC, the SNL skit nailed two salient points: she’s doing a half-assed job of campaigning for Obama, and the aforementioned sense of entitlement regarding the presidency.

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