Friday, September 05, 2008

RNC: The Empire Strikes Back

My wrap up of the Republican National Convention back on

And yeah, I'm still mad.


Anonymous said...

Did it occur to anyone that Ms Palin is the VP candidate, not the Actual Presidential candidate? Why is it that she's being Promoted, Marketed, and Sold, as a presidential candidate? Shouldn't she be compared to Mr Biden instead of Mr Obama? Yes She gave a great speech, is that the only relevant factor to be qualify for a VP? or should I just say President...ONCE AGAIN YOU'RE ALL BEING PUNK'D AMERICANS.

Anonymous said...

Obama is an empty suit making every promise under the sun about "change" and "hope" yet he has no solid plan of actual substance of how he's going to go about "change". Obama is nothing more than a good public speaker. On top of that, he has NO foreign policy experience and he's going to be our commander in cheif!? Why don't you put McCain's full resume on here next to Obama's full resume and let's see who's more qualified for he job. Obama cares more about adding to his short list of qualifications than he does about this country. He continues to lead a pack of sheep in a herd.

Anonymous said...

Dumb ass people planning to vote for Obama because he has some black in him, yet they really know nothing about him or his lack of qualifications. Celebrities and musicians are coming out from the wood works of their rich little fantasy land talking out of their asses about politics when they know absolutly nothing about what's going on. Vote Obama because he represents change? What change? The fact that he's half black isn't a qualification to get the job done. Screaming the words "CHANGE" and "HOPE" every other sentence means nothing when he has no real plan for it.

Liberal Idealist said...

How dare people discredit the intellectual content of Obama's supporters by saying that they are voting for him based on racial/ethnic/party loyalty? Again, the Republican party and other conservatives of the US who do not plan to vote for Obama use the most offensive, self-hating descriptors to try to deprecate the moral, ethical, and intellectual content of his supporters. It is sad, but the facts are as such: (1) The GDP thrives better under democratic leadership as opposed to republican leadership (2) Redistributive economics, as practiced by democratic leadership shrinks the rich-poor gap...I could go on and on, but I encourage all voters to get out and vote their conscience..But I expect that the Democrats will pull this election out, and then some..All of this war hero talk makes me sick, when McCain has done nothing on the presidential level to suggest that he would be a President for ALL of America [i.e., the Sarah Palin selection].
As far as racism and the Presidential Race of 2008, I only say this...And I will only go back to recent times.....Ronald Reagan, Bush I, Bush II. Most conservatives/Republicans/Independents in this country don't even own their own homes, have lost their jobs and have been defecated on politically, socially and economically, and culturally by their own party......A perfect formula for racist activity, if ever.
Go OBAMA..!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA..!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When did 'Hope' and 'Change' became negative words? Ironically if you've been following the GOP it seems like the Republicans just jumped on the 'Change' band-waggon and guess what? Suddenly it does not sound the bad, now does it? Sadly enough it only took MacCain more than a quater of century to realize that he needed to shake Washington. The Audacity of some Politicians!! WHAT A MAVERICK!!!

ThePPLSCHMP said...

What exactly is Experience in the White House? Looking at The Bush 2001 Administration, I would say that was one of the most experienced bunch in American History. Nonetheless looking at their accomplishments, and at current state of the U.S. that's hard to justify.
That's not to say that was one of worst records in U.S. History, but please don't take my word...see for yourself.
In any case I hear these folks talking about Experience so I asked you experts this....does being in Washington for 10/20 years prepares you to lead? Does governing a state with a population under 700.000 prepare you lead? Leaders are born to lead, there really isn't any title or jobs that can trains you to lead...especially in these days of global turmoil...use your mind and not your hears to judge. POLITICS DOESN'T ALWAYS HAVE TO BE THE USUAL.

smm said...

I must admit, and I know I'll be punished for it, but I'm afraid alot of people have been drinking the Kool Aid on Obama. As a Black man, I'm moved and inspired by the history that has been made of his candidacy and the potential for breaking the glass ceiling once (yes, ONCE) he is elected president. While I don't agree with everything he says, my vote will go to him. As far as the RNC, it is obvious still that the GOP still has strong racist tones and philosophies. No matter what cover they have, it's hard for a bunch of white, old, rich men (majority of them are) to accept change. To them, it seems as if their grip on the nation will slip if Obama is elected. It is true that this election is about change, but it depends on what type of change you're referring to. Some is postive, some is negative.

I say all that to say that while registered a Democrat, I despise both Democrats and Republicans. I will however BARACK THE VOTE!!!

Dave said...

Sadly, just a couple of days after the RNC, McCain is being reported as having a four percentage point lead over Obama. This is ridiculous. We have to keep working. Keep talking with people. And keep studying the issues. Let's make these last 60 days the biggest push for democracy in political history.

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