Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin Comes on Strong

Some day I'm going to have to pay CNN for these pics.

Well Palin gave her speech tonight; she had to nail it and she did. Regardless of her experience, or lack of, there is one thing that is striking-- she's got gumption to spare. She came out swinging and she left swinging attacking Obama with everything in the GOPs arsenal. She didn't come out as an appeal to Hillary supporters, she came out as an answer to Joe Biden, with a thicker spine than Rudy Guiliani but better legs. Without a doubt she will energize the Republican base.

And yet, I feel desperation coming off of them in waves. Everything about, not only Palin's speech, but the entire RNC platform reeks of fear, from their complete lack of respect for Obama to their blatant hypocrisy, to their attacks on the media (been a long time since they were your 'base' huh McCain?), to their outright lies (Let's see Palin's "Maverick status" hold up for the next couple of weeks) all tell of a blitzkrieg ploy that sees no farther than the end of the week.

If McCain follows the plan then he'll get his bounce. People will eat this stuff up. But when the mist settles and the last piece of confetti is swept up the GOP will still be the party of Bush and his cross will be theirs to bear, and no amount of cute jokes will alleviate that weight.

These debates will be killer.

PS: Seriously, what up with everyone playing hot potato with Palin's kid? I mean isn't it past that kid's bed time, or is this just more Republican family values?

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