Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I Believe In Harvey Obama

Recently this poster has been showing up in the CA area. Sully notes the complete absurdity of its image:

"It's graphically striking, but politically obtuse. The Joker is a wild man; Obama is no-drama; the Joker is an anarchist; Obama is a community organizer. Obama's careful politicking, his almost painful resistance to emotionalism, are worth lampooning, because they at least show an understanding of him, which is essential to successful mockery. But portraying him as an anarchist white terrorist recently made famous by Heath Ledger? To prove what exactly? Or is even asking for a reason at this point a silly thing to do?"

But seeing this it reminded me of the days before the election when I wore two pins on my book bag. The first was an Obama campaign button and the second (shown below) often elicited strange reactions.

I wore the two side by side to remind my self that no man deserves complete and unquestioning faith. I felt the urge to think of Obama as some type of messiah, but like Dent, even those with the best intentions can go astray. To me if there is a connection between The Dark Knight and Obama it is this, not the Joker and not Batman.

The good news is that if Obama does go Harvey Dent's way, the blue dogs and birthers better hide their two sided coins.


Gib said...

I have an "I Believe in Harvey Dent" button in my office.

And if somebody does do a photoshop of Obama as Two-Face, can we cite you as confirming that the photoshop is legitimate political satire, and not some kind of incitement?

Teethwriter said...

If it can look as good as that Obama/ Joker one, sure. And it would probably make more sense.

Good to hear from you Gib; hope all is well with you and the fam.

Gib said...

The kid makes it hard to blog with any consistency, but other than that, no complaints.

Glad to see you back too.

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