Monday, December 17, 2007

Doing Their Job

Chris Dodd this week is actually campaigning by doing a strange thing--his job:

"With the Iowa caucuses just two and a half weeks away, the candidates have pretty much taken up residence in the state, with one conspicuous exception. This morning will find Senator Chris Dodd on the Senate floor, where he plans to be staging a filibuster against the telcom immunity provision in the FISA bill. As we've written here before, Dodd's opposition has won him much love from the netroots. But it's not exactly the best timing from a conventional political perspective. (Dodd, after all, moved his family to Iowa in October.)

"A campaign official tells me: "He understands that he should probably be in Iowa campaigning, but the Constituion and the rule of law are Dodd's passion. He has a deep history with it and fundamentally believes that we decrease our standing in the world when we don't live up to our values. And when that happens we weaken our national security.""

That scores some points with me.

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