Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ever Wanted to See What 4,000 an Hour Buys?

Then here you go:

You know, I don't consider myself a moralist, but there's something really wrong with this whole situation. Here we live in a country that outlaws prostitution, and will call for the resignation of a politician that enlists the services of a prostitute, but in the aftermath we turn the prostitute into a star. So far Ms. Dupre's Myspace page has gotten like 3 million hits and we're sure that the obligatory Playboy pictorial, sex tape, and music album is sure to follow. People say that prostitution is wrong because it's obscene, but what's really obscene is America's wacked out, hypocritical sexual appetite.

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Gib said...

Not really offered as a defense, but in my experience, the hookers get charged a lot more often than the johns do. Having an undercover officer pose as a john and solicit sex from a prositute is easier than having an officer pose as a prostitute and try to get solicited - it's a more efficient use of labor, since police are actively seeking out crime instead of waiting for crime to come to them, and it's also easier to avoid entrapment when cops pretend to be customers rather than prostitutes.

Not to say that this particular Kristen deserves even a little bit of the fame and fortune coming her way, but in a lot of other situations, the Kristens of the world end up getting caught and convicted while the only thing the Spitzers of the world suffer is having to find another supplier.

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